If getting a degree in public policy, the environment is sure to come up in some way. Everything from climate change to global warming to current laws are under constant scrutiny, and as a result, are constantly changing. With no one source to turn to, turning to the millions of users on YouTube can be just as challenging when trying to learn more about the environment.

To help out, we have gathered 50 must-see YouTube videos to learn about the U.S. Environmental Policy. They can help you get a foundation for learning the basics, teach more about national and international laws, and even give the skeptic’s point of view. So grab a recording and bookmarking device, and maybe a few note cards — these videos are loaded with information.


If you want to eradicate mercury, legalize marijuana or keep an eye on government pork barrel spending, you might be interested in these 40 must-read blogs, forums and public policy projects. Interaction with these sites is made possible through forums, blog comments and advocacy projects that focus on specific goals — so you or any other reader can instantly become involved. (more…)