If getting a degree in public policy, the environment is sure to come up in some way. Everything from climate change to global warming to current laws are under constant scrutiny, and as a result, are constantly changing. With no one source to turn to, turning to the millions of users on YouTube can be just as challenging when trying to learn more about the environment.

To help out, we have gathered 50 must-see YouTube videos to learn about the U.S. Environmental Policy. They can help you get a foundation for learning the basics, teach more about national and international laws, and even give the skeptic’s point of view. So grab a recording and bookmarking device, and maybe a few note cards — these videos are loaded with information.

Must-See YouTube Starter Videos to Learn About the U.S. Environmental Policy

  1. The Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See
    One of the few environmental videos that went viral, Greg Caven discusses worst case scenarios in this simple lecture. Facing uncertainty and the choices of the future are both key points.
  2. How it All Ends
    Greg Caven returns to discuss global warming in this short video. After being critiqued by thousands, he returns to further explain his theory. Donning several hats, he asks and answers his own questions.
  3. Al Gore Global Warming
    We all know him as one of the environment’s most notable crusaders. Get his take on global warming in just ten minutes on this YouTube video.
  4. Earth to America
    But how does The Blue Man Group feel about all this? Check out this video from the popular Las Vegas act on global warming.
  5. Global Warming: Point of no Return?
    So when does global warming reach the point of no return? This short environmental clip has a few scientific quotes to go along with the animation. However, in 2006, they speculated there may be as few as ten years left.
  6. Five Degrees Warmer
    So how much global warming does it take? In this YouTube video from National Geographic, experts discuss what happens when the Earth warms up five degrees.
  7. Barack Obama on the Energy and the Environment
    In this interview, President Obama describes his views on environmental policy. The problem, as well as a few of the solutions, is discussed.
  8. Energy and Environment Policy Team
    Get a look at President Obama’s energy and environment policy team in this YouTube video. How they are approaching climate issues and solutions is featured.
  9. Barack Obama – Energy and Environment
    This YouTube user gathers President Obama’s greatest environmental hits on one video. This is part one, and the other three are also available.
  10. Granholm on Energy
    Former Governor of Michigan Jennifer Granholm discusses environmental policy in this video. She shares which country pollutes the most and who has clean energy policies.

Must-See YouTube Promo Videos to Learn About the U.S. Environmental Policy

  1. Award Winning Animation on Global Warming
    Entitled “Neglected Sky,” this video was the winner in the fifth annual Media That Matters Film Festival. You can see the nearly two minutes on YouTube.

  2. Animation: Climate Change, Energy, and Action
    This short clip is used to teach kids in Brazil. Stop by to learn easy tricks to help save the environment from the WWF.
  3. Wake Up, Freak Out – Then Get a Grip
    This video illustrates how the environment isn’t just about polar bears anymore. An animation describes what the tipping point is and what will come of it.
  4. The Age of Stupid
    Remember that Kevin Costner movie where the polar ice caps melted and everyone was searching for land? This film takes climate change a little more seriously and looks at the devastated world of 2055.
  5. Green House Effect
    Need an easy way to understand the Green House Effect? Then check out this short and simple animation suitable for all ages.
  6. Sustainability Explained
    Most children can’t even spell sustainability. Using this video from Sweden, help children understand what it is and what it means from this cartoon professor.
  7. 300 Years of Fossil Fuels in 300 Seconds
    Learn the history of the mining and extraction of fossil fuels in this YouTube video. Nearly six minutes features the history and estimations for the future.
  8. What a Way to Go
    This video takes a look at the generation that may be the last. The problems and how they got there are all shared.
  9. Civilization: Some Restrictions Apply
    What is the price for living in a civilized world? Check out this semi-fictional animation to find out. It was featured in a Tucson film festival.
  10. Global Warming
    Click here to get the YouTube version of an editorial cartoon. Global warming is the topic of choice.

Must-See YouTube Video Lectures to Learn About the U.S. Environmental Policy

  1. The Story of Stuff
    Learn “how things work, about stuff” in this YouTube video from The Tides Foundation. The story of where stuff comes from and where it goes when we throw it out is shared.
  2. Our Priorities for Saving the World
    This talk for TED gained Bjorn Lomborg a lot of notoriety for his ideas. How saving the world should be seen and suggestions for it are taken on in less than 20 minutes.
  3. Let the Environment Guide Our Development
    In another talk for TED, Johan Rockstorm discusses how planet Earth can survive. He speculates that as humans grow, so does our science and our ability to recognize and change behavior.
  4. Environmental Law and Policy
    Instructor Holly Deremus shares a lecture on the environment from UC Berkeley. Insights from ecology and economics including many laws such as the National Environmental Policy Act.
  5. Global Warming 101
    Learn the basics on global warming from National Geographic. Theories on displacement and even its effects on the mapped world are all discussed.
  6. The Happy Planet Index
    Statistician Nic Marks asks why we measure a nation’s success by its productivity. He instead theorizes that we should measure nations by their index of happiness and well being.
  7. The History of the Clean Air Act
    So what is the Clean Air Act the environmentalists are always talking about? Check out this panel discussion with Nathan Cullen to describe the history and how it works now.
  8. The Scope of International Environmental Law
    UC Berkeley returns in this YouTube video. This professor specializes in environmental law, climate change, and she shares more on this lecture.
  9. Biology 1B
    What does biology have to do with the environment? Check out this YouTube video from a professor of biology for the answer.
  10. Derrick Jensen
    In his novel and lecture, entitled “Endgame,” Derrick discusses whether or not the culture will undergo voluntary transition to sustainable living. Seven parts of the lecture are featured on YouTube.

Must-See YouTube Skeptic Videos to Learn About the U.S. Environmental Policy

  1. Story of Stuff, The Critique
    The original “Story of Stuff” gets critiqued in this YouTube video. Counter points to arguments made in the original are shared.
  2. Global Warming Scam
    With hundreds of thousands of views, this commentator discusses global warming and climate change. The cyclical nature of the environment and man’s contribution is discussed.
  3. The Skeptical Environmentalist
    Aka Bjorn Lomborg, he is a professor at the Copenhagen Business School. He also made headlines when he challenged mainstream concerns about the environment and pointed out things we need to focus on first.
  4. On Letterman
    Think the above guy doesn’t have a sense of humor? Then check out this guest appearance on the David Letterman show.
  5. Al Gore Sued
    With lawsuits all the rage now a days, why is Al Gore being sued over global warming? In this interview, the founder of the Weather Channel explains why he has filed suit in an attempt to get the former Vice President to debate him over global warming.
  6. How Climate Change Became a Liberal Hoax
    If climate change is a load, how did it come about? Philosopher and activist Noam Chomsky discusses how in this video for YouTube and blames it mostly on the media.
  7. Climate Change Scam
    In this report for British news, climate change and the holes in it are discussed. They also share how polar caps are melting on other planets.
  8. Man Made Global Warming Hoax
    Mike Baker is also known as the Free Prophet on YouTube. In this ten minute video, global warming is likened to propaganda and undue hysteria.
  9. Another Scientist Against Global Warming
    John Christy is a U.N. scientist who does not see global warming as a developing catastrophe. Director of the Earth Science Center, this report tells that scientists can’t predict the weather days from now, much less years.
  10. Climate Change?
    Is rising carbon dioxide the cause of global warming? Professor Bob Carter discusses the scientific method used to arise at the conclusion in four parts on YouTube.

Other Must-See YouTube Videos to Learn About the U.S. Environmental Policy

  1. EPA
    Go straight to the horse’s mouth on U.S. environmental policies by visiting the official YouTube channel of the Environmental Protection Agency. Calls for content, messages to the public, and much more are offered.
  2. BP on Priorities
    The BP oil spill made headlines and ruined miles of coastline. Hear from the BP CEO himself on what they plan to do in the future. You can also see more on their official YouTube channel.
  3. Earthquake Destruction
    Earthquakes are still a force to be reckoned with, no matter how much U.S. Environment policy adapts. In this short footage, National Geographic shared a few short clips on earthquakes and the destruction they can cause, getting them millions of hits.
  4. Cheat Neutral
    Wonder what carbon offsets and such are? In this cheeky video, the founders of Cheat Neutral discuss the concept of carbon offsets and cheating in the video.
  5. Conversation With a Conservative
    Stop by here to get a listen from Russel Train, the former head of the Nixon Environmental Protection Agency. In it, he discusses both past and present policies.
  6. Woodland Destruction
    In the UK there is a specific patch of woods that has gone undisturbed for hundreds of years. Check out some loggers caught in the act here.
  7. Climategate
    This scandal arose when documents arose that alleged scientists were falsifying climate change facts in order to promote their agenda. In this report from Russia Today, two guests are invited on to discuss it.
  8. Climate Gate
    After the scandal broke, Alex Jones was concerned with its lack of coverage in the media. So he took to YouTube to discuss the alleged conspiracy in more detail.
  9. Murdoch and Climategate
    But how did this story stack up to the day’s stories? Check out this clip from “Countdown With Keith Olbermann” to find out.
  10. Rulemaking Matters
    Remember the call the EPA put out for YouTube users to promote the environment? Check out one of the funnier entries here complete with snarky subtitles.